Money as an End

When you see headlines touting, “5 Biblical Principles to Make you a Millionaire,” what it’s actually saying is, “5 ways to use the Bible as a Means to Achieve the Ultimate Goal of Money.”

I understand that some of those authors or YouTube channels are well-meaning Christians seeking to help other believers, but it seems that most are misled or misleading believers into thinking obedience to the word of God will lead to monetary blessings on earth.

What is your ultimate goal? What is your reason for desiring wealth? What do you tell God to justify your pursuit for money?

Not many are bold enough to admit that they love money more than God, but it’s much more dangerous to be unwilling to admit it. Let’s be honest with ourselves and see whether we have been using God as a means to Money.

Prayer: God, I want to confess to you that I have been idolizing money. Often money seems to be the answer to many of my problems. However, Jesus commanded his followers to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and God will take care of all these other things. Let me have the faith to trust in your providence rather than finding security in money.

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