Money as a Means

I’ve heard many believers say that they desire to be rich so that they can support missionaries and churches around the world. Praise God for believers who desire to use their wealth for the Kingdom of God. God knows how much they have been a direct blessing in my life.

There are many ways we can use money as a means to bless others and serve God, however, we must never think that we will be more useful to God if we are wealthy compared to if we are poor.

It is far more powerful to show the world that we can be content in poverty, far more radical to show that we can give even under immense financial strain, and far more biblical to trust God to provide our daily bread.

Wealth is a powerful tool for man, and everyone seems to grasp for it in hopes to achieve the desires of their hearts. This is why it is such a powerful testimony to the world to show them a life that is free from the love of money. The desire of our hearts cannot be bought with money, but Jesus has bought us with his life.

Prayer: God, I trust that you can use me in my wealth and in my poverty. Let me not measure myself or others by the amount of money in possession, but by the amount of faith. Lord use me to be a powerful testimony to the world by declaring that you are so much more valuable than money!

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